Vegetarian Apron

5 May

This is a birthday present for a vegetarian friend. Male. Who loves to cook.

He is also mad about saving our environment, so my present is 100% recycled, upcycled and even depicts eco-themes in the central picture (reused tea-towel from IKEA).



Postcard from Brisbane

22 Aug

A long overdue postcard from the lush subtropical capital of Queensland for my very good friend Heather in New Zealand. Shame on me for postponing such a simple act as sending a card for six years! But I hope this one compensates for the long wait.


It is rather biggish 🙂

But Heather has found just the perfect place for it:

Heather's Postcard from Brisbane








“Картичка от Бризбън” – специално за приятелката ми Хедър в Нова Зеландия. Е, малко големичка се получи и не можах да я пратя в плик, но колетът все пак пристигна невредим и хедър е намерила просто перфектното място за моята закъсняла с шест години картичка. Все пак, по-добре късно, отколкото никога 🙂



31 Jul

I love white! Love it!

But even I have to admit that white on white gets a bit boring sometimes. Just a little bit 🙂

My huge snow-white wall behind the very white table and a cohort of 6 white chairs was crying out to me for a splash of colour and life.

Well, I might be conservative, but no one can accuse me in being unsympathetic. So, here is my response:


I named it “The city”, because it reminds me the vibrant colours of Brisbane.


Made out of scraps and left overs from other patchwork projects it is also a warm reminder of my adventures in sewing.


Последното ми приключение: история за парцалки и шевна машина.

Шарено, вертикално и жизнено като цветния неустоим Бризбън.

Нарекох го “Градът”

Home Sweet Home – Part Two

19 Sep

Well, it wasn’t quick or easy but here we are – the final touches have been done and photos taken. Our new place is now complete, fresh, homely and … ready for the house warming party!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

allow me to introduce:

The Morrocan/Mediterranean/blue & pretty/cosy & airy balcony; The sparkling Bird Song bathroom;

The very white and very cloudy (the blue motives on the desk are cloud photos) Home Office with its proudly repainted in red Thonet chair

















Home sweet home

7 Aug

I was recently startled by the realisation that the year has not only not just started but it is actually way over its half, almost gone, running out. Last week my work calendar suddenly (and inexplicably) jumped to August! Causing my prompt panic attack. Then I had a cup of tea and slowly remembered – yes, the year 2012 has arrived sometime ago now, but it wasn’t waisted, I just was too busy to notice the time passing by. Because I was doing million and one things in a second (as usual). And one of the projects in particular has been extremely time consuming and energy exhausting. The renovation of our new place.

Yes! Our very own small city apartment. Tiny and cute.

We just moved in after completing Stage One of my very ambitious Renovation Plan – Living room and Kitchen. Everything is painted (white, very, very white), tidied up (well, mostly), scented (Vanilla and Patchouly – my daughter’s favorite fragrances) and more or less furnished. We are extremely pleased with ourselves, in love with IKEA and totally exhausted from the endless pushing, lifting, stretching, bending, kneeling, crouching, hammering, painting, assembling (and disassembling after discovering we did it all wrong)

The results:



Cosy Christmas gifts

29 Dec

Another lucky find – a fat, big fabric sample book no longer in use and left by the rubbish bin of a local designer studio – gave me a brilliant idea for Christmas gifts. Cushions!!! 21 of them, as the book contained 42 full-page samples that could easily coupled in well suited marriages. Few days of frantic sewing and staffing produced a whole pile of cosy fluffy  softies. All my friends now have a set of new cushions for Christmas.


Blue Summer Light

29 Dec

One early summer night I was walking home (not perfectly sober) and in the dark almost tripped over something big, bulky and round that was  rolling  with the wind on the walkway. Closer inspection identified the fat wandering object as an enormous lamp shade. Old, damaged, sad and beyond repare. May be. The owner couldn’t get it in the rather slim rubish bin provided by the local  council, so it was left on the wet ground to await quitely its fate in the face of a rubish collector. Oh, the horror!!

Instead Fate crossed its way with mine.  I took pity on it, dragged it (with some difficulties) to my home and banged it with the hammer (no, no, no, not a hint of domestic violence, but to straighten the bent  metal parts a bit), then lovingly covered it with blue IKEA fabric – the colour of the summer sky,  mounted it on top of a lamp stand and …. no it wasn beyond repair after all!  It looked rather handsom on top of its elegant  long single leg. But something still wasn’t right. Something was missing. My glorious new lamp was lonely and striking – the only blue object in the room.

So-o-o, I had to make friends for it. Three small cushions are the best companion for a handsome tall lamp I recon. Now, together, gossiping and conspiring in their own corner they seem happy and bring the sumer sky in my humble bedroom.