How to hide a sewing machine

6 Jul

Not that I don’t like my sewing machine or find it not pretty enough or something. No!  She is beautiful!  And deserves to have place in my living room (If not her own  room ).  But I am the one who leaves her working table messy and at the same time hates untidy spaces. 

So. Here is the solution: 

First – you find a pile of broken slats and torn unwoven material, soaked in rain and mud by the rubbish bin of the antic shop.  Get permission from shop assisstant to take it.

Second – have a long unfruitful discussion with your daughter who accuses you in the vice of collecting all sorts of useless stuff and forbids you to take home the alleged screen. 

Third – you happened to go back to the same shop but this time alone,  not accompanied by outspoken young ladies. And the screen is still there. Still disguised in the form of pile of broken pieces.

Four – you take it home. In secret. Buy some remnant wooden slats – second hand. Paint in white ceiling paint – leftovers from recent room-facelift . Stitch together numerous white and red, and black, and grey fabric squares into 3 checkered screens. Nail vigorously. 

Five – Enjoy! (Try not to seem too smug in front of daughter when visitors compliment your striking new room divider.)


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