The Architect’s Chair

6 Jul

Now, we all know what a Director’s chair is, don’t we.  But have you ever heard of  Engineer’s chair?  How about System Administrator’s chair?  Do accountants have a chair named after them?  And why should one profession be so privileged to have its own special chair when everyone else sits just on a humble piece of furniture?

Well, I find this unfair and unjust.

I not only took a sad-looking, broken, torn and wet director’s chair from the street in my neighborhood. I not only restored it and polished it back to all its glory with coconut butter. I went further and changed totally its identity and purpose.  Not a single director is to sit in this one anymore.  It is The Architect’s chair now. (Just because I happened to have a piece of  IKEA fabric with buildings print on it and not computers or account books.)


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