Furniture Reloaded

 I am a nomad. I was born one and never changed my ways. My family travels so much, we move from house to house so often, changing countries and lifestyles, and everyday routines with such an ease that I have given up on having any possessions bigger than a photo. Or a suitcase. We don’t have family treasured furniture pieces. We have never had a wardrobe. Or an antic chest of drawers.

 Every time we move to a new place I invest in some new furniture after we have given away the old one. The investment is never more than a two-digit number in dollars.  We buy it from op-shops, garage sales, second-hand or reject shops. Often collect it from the curbside where people leave unwanted but still good to use stuff. And then I indulge in the pleasures of restoring it back to full pride and glory. Transform old tattered things into unique modern designs. Fix and disguise broken ones.  Decorate , personalize and reuse.

Reuse, reuse, reuse. And have fun. 

Here are some examples.


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