Pick me up handbag

30 Oct

One lucky day in a box labeled ¨$5 each¨ in some fashion outlet I found a simple, lovingly grey and unsophisticated shoulder bag. With a flair of military design. Very non-girly. Very me.

Then ANZAC day came and my humble donation of few gold coins was exchanged for a bright red poppy. So bright and so perfect in its simplicity it had to be attached to the perfect grey surface of my bag. Daffodil day brought a yellow daffodil flower. Then a hairpin flower joined them. Another one couldn´t resist the temptation of a good gossip and got in the crowd as well. Others followed. So these days my once plain simple grey bag looks more like a mobile garden. I get so many compliments (and not only from little old ladies at quilts exhibitions) that I felt obliged to show it to the rest of the world.

Here it is:


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